Towards becoming Employment Equity compliant

18 July 2022 | DVC Prof Elelwani Ramugondo

Dear colleagues

We, as the University of Cape Town (UCT) submitted our Employment Equity Plan and targets to the Department of Employment and Labour (DOEL) on 3 May 2022. Recently we were informed that the university was found to be non-compliant in three broad areas:

  1. low participation rates of staff in qualitative focus groups and quantitative surveys
  2. lack of rigour in the governance of Employment Equity Committees and of our Forum
  3. review of some targets and alignment with the DOEL reporting cycle.

As a university, we are legally obligated to comply with the DOEL’s recommended changes by the end of August 2022. To fulfil this obligation, we will need to complete our internal processes by 22 July. Therefore, your participation is crucial, and we request that you complete the three steps as outlined below. I also ask that you encourage your colleagues to do so too. To assist in this process, you will be receiving SMS reminders.

Step One: Updating your staff details on Service Now

Kindly confirm and update your staff details via the Service Now portal, by 22 July 2022, before 16:00.

Please pay specific attention to this important information when updating your staff details:

  • International employees who have become South African citizens by naturalisation are requested to inform the university of the date of their naturalisation.
  • Please note that persons with disabilities have the right not to declare their disability, unless the disability impacts on the inherent requirements of the job.

Step Two: Employment Equity Committee nomination process

Nominate your unit’s Employment Equity (EE) representative to serve on your formally established Employment Equity unit’s (Faculty/Department/Cluster) Committee. Please follow and use the process as outlined in the revised EE Committee Terms of Reference, nomination guideline and accompanying nomination form.

Nominations from the following categories are required:

  • the designated groups (ie African, coloured, Indian South Africans and white women)
  • the non-designated groups (white males and foreign nationals)
  • a representative for persons with disabilities
  • representatives from all the occupational levels (junior, mid-level and senior/ management).

You are invited to submit one nominee (you can also put forward your own name) to serve on this committee for your unit, by Friday, 22 July before 16:00.

Names of those nominated and willing to serve on the Employment Equity Committee from your unit will be collated and if there are more nominations than positions, then a voting process will be conducted.

Step Three: Employment Equity Barrier Analysis questionnaire

Twenty percent of staff participated in a similar consultation process in 2021. We are required to increase the participation rate in the Employment Equity Barrier Analysis questionnaire. Our aim is to obtain responses from at least another 20% to 30% of staff. This questionnaire will be followed by focus group discussions to gather qualitative input. Only staff who did not complete this analysis last year should participate.

Please email our Employment Equity Consultant Glenda Kayster should you have any enquiries regarding any of the above.

Your assistance towards us reaching compliance as a university is hugely appreciated.


Professor Elelwani Ramugondo
Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Transformation, Student Affairs and Social Responsiveness

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