Debates in Higher Education



Homeless Wanderers: Movement and Mental Illness in the Cape Colony in the Nineteenth Century
Ethical Quandaries in Social Research
In Search of Equality: Women, Law and Society in Africa
Executive Salaries in South Africa: Who Should Get a Say on Pay?
The Musical Instruments of the Indigenous People of South Africa
Growing the Next Generation of Researchers: A Handbook for Emerging Researchers and Their Mentors
The Art of Public Space: Curating and Re-imagining the Ephemeral City
Freshwater Life: A Field Guide to the Plants and Animals of Southern Africa
Burchell's Travels: The Life, Art and Journeys of William John Burchell
Food Security in South Africa: Human Rights and Entitlement Perspectives
Relocations: Reading Culture in South Africa
Mean Streets: Migration, Xenophobia and Informality in South Africa
Intellectual Property Policy, Law and Administration in Africa: Exploring Continental and Sub-Regional Co-Operation
Income Tax in South Africa: The First Hundred Years
Real Estate Valuation Theory: A Critical Appraisal
The Posthuman Child: Educational Transformation Through Philosophy with Picturebooks
Rights After Wrongs: Local Knowledge and Human Rights in Zimbabwe
Towards Employment-Intensive Growth in South Africa
Evolution's Chimera: Bats and the Marvel of Evolutionary Adaptation
Rape Unresolved: Policing Sexual Offences in South Africa