December graduation

Inspired to achieve

Graduates must become ‘more African‘ The Faculty of Commerce’s graduation on Friday, 14 December, was a celebration of being African in a world undergoing unprecedented change. 14 Dec 2018
‘Set your super-power dials to “in service” ’ “Set your super-power dials to ‘in service’,” Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng told graduands at a special graduation ceremony where she was officially robed as Vice-Chancellor. 14 Dec 2018
‘Tell them about the dream’ Graduation season has started on a high note with the robing of the Vice-Chancellor, academics being honoured and Humanities graduands being urged to be courageous. 14 Dec 2018
Four doctors, two families make it a double It’s not often that two sets of brothers who are close friends graduate from the same two faculties – and each with the title of doctor. 14 Dec 2018

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