Exam tips for students
Exam time
Breaking the exam stress cycle There is plenty of help at hand, both on and off campus, for UCT students suffering under the stress of the upcoming exams. 16 May 2019
Eight tips to beat exam stress As we begin consolidation week, these eight handy tips will help you to prepare for what lies ahead during the mid-year exams. 16 May 2019
Students share their top study tips With just over a week to go before exams start, UCT students share their tried and tested tips for study success. 15 May 2019
Ensuring you’re exam-ready Finding the balance between organisation and preparation is key to getting the best possible results in the upcoming exams. 14 May 2019
Profiles of parenting at UCT

In honour of Mother’s Day on 12 May and Father’s Day on 16 June, UCT News pays tribute to the parents in our campus community; the student mother, the single parent, the catering staff who feed their ‘children’ in our residences, the researchers who are changing mindsets about parenting issues, and the ‘surrogate’ parents at the UCT Educare Centre.

Reflections of a new mother’s return to academia The Department of Sociology’s Dr Natasha Vally provides a deeply personal account of returning to academia as a new mother. 10 May 2019
The student/mother juggling act A research paper by a philosophy master’s student examines UCT’s on-campus environment and looks at how inclusive it is for young student mothers. 09 May 2019
Master’s and motherhood With parenting still “gendered” in society, students who become mothers carry a heavy load and need understanding and the university’s support to reach their academic goals. 09 May 2019
‘It’s more than a job, it’s a calling’ Educare Centre teacher Buyelwa Caroline Sishuba shares what it means to be a stand-in mother to the children of UCT staff and students ahead of Mother’s Day. 09 May 2019



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