Orientation 2020
First-years’ Braai 2020 After a jam-packed week of orientation events it was time to meet and mingle at this year’s First-years’ Braai on Thursday, 30 January, on the Green Mile, upper campus. Lerato Maduna was there to capture it all. 04 Feb 2020
Meet the parents Parents, guardians and sponsors of first-year students, eager to settle them into campus life, attended an orientation of their own on 25 and 28 January. 31 Jan 2020
UCT parents: Here’s what you need to know If you have a student starting their studies at UCT, these are departments and services that are available to offer them support. 29 Jan 2020
Campus Life 2020 Welcome to the University of Cape Town! We want you to feel at home on our campuses, and this year’s edition of Campus Life has all you need to know about student life to help you settle in. 20 Jan 2020



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