Campus communications

The University of Cape Town has a diverse and widely distributed community, which includes students, academic staff, PASS staff, alumni, parents, guardians and more. In order to keep this community updated about recent, ongoing and future events, the university distributes regular communications from the executive. These take the form of VC Desks, which are messages from the Vice-Chancellor concerning important events on campus; DVC Desks, which include university-related communications from each of the Deputy Vice-Chancellors; and Campus Announcements, which are released at least once a week to update the UCT community about ongoing events and to give notice of upcoming events on the various campuses.  

Latest campus communications


In order to ensure the smooth running of university operations, particularly during times of crisis, it is sometimes necessary for the university to provide a dedicated channel to communicate with staff, students and the wider UCT community. The campus updates page is activated when necessary to keep all relevant stakeholders informed about the current status of events affecting campus.