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20 January 2020

Are you struggling to cope with your academic programme because you’re just not adjusting to university life? Or do you have questions on resolving a dispute with one of your peers? Here’s a list of student support services to make your UCT experience stress free.

Academic concerns?

Talk to someone at your faculty office about the Extended Degree Programme (EDP) (see page 19), a more flexible degree programme that allows you to take a bit more time to complete your degree.

Struggling to adjust?

It takes time for student to settle in at university. At UCT, the First-Year Experience offers a welcome and supportive environment for freshers. The aim — promoting a holistic approach to student development that responds to your academic, social and material needs.

The First-Year Experience

Hoerikwaggo Building, upper campus

021 650 4072

Need career advice?

UCT’s Careers Service helps prepare you for a smooth transition to the world of work — it’s never too early to start planning.

UCT Careers Service

Level 1, Hoerikwaggo Building,

upper campus

021 650 2497

Support for students with disabilities

UCT’s Disability Service is dedicated to helping students and staff achieve their full potential. The service includes improved access to facilities, extra time for tests and exams, accessible transport and providing South African Sign Language interpreters.

UCT Disability Service

Level 4, John Day Building, upper

campus (access via lift or stairs)

021 650 2427


If you’re experiencing harassment or discrimination, you’re not alone. The Office for Inclusivity & Change (OIC) offers a range of support services to ensure that the university is accessible and inclusive to all.

Office for Inclusivity & Change

The Cottage, Lovers’ Walk,

lower campus

021 650 3530

Resolving a dispute

The Office of the Ombud provides an informal dispute resolution service to the university community. Operating outside the usual university academic and administrative structures, it’s a neutral, independent, informal and confidential resource to facilitate fair and equitable resolutions.

Office of the Ombud

Lovers’ Walk Extension, lower campus

021 650 3665

Dr on call

Make an appointment to see a doctor or nurse at the Student Wellness Service. Medication is available at cost price; the service offers support for chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes and tuberculosis; and they help with minor surgical procedures. If you’re on upper campus, there’s a clinic on level six of the Steve Biko Students’ Union building — you can see a nurse on a walk-in basis for minor ailments between 08:30 and 16:30.

Student Wellness Service

Ivan Toms Building, 28 Rhodes Ave, Mowbray

021 650 1020

Brush up on your writing skills

Consultants at the UCT Writing Centre can help you improve the quality of your academic writing. They assist with referencing, help to guide your thinking and make sure that you present your academic argument effectively.

Writing Centre

Level 6, Steve Biko Students’ Union

building, upper campus

021 650 5021


“I wish I knew about [UCT] Careers Service earlier on in my studies, so I’d know if my field was lucrative and in which ways.” — NOLUYOLO

Need funding?

The Student Financial Aid Office aims to help as many academically eligible and financially disadvantaged students as possible.

Student Financial Aid Office

Level 3, Kramer Law Building, middle campus

021 650 3545

Questions on accommodation?

The Department of Student Affairs will answer all your questions about residences and other student housing options.

Department of Student Affairs

Masingene Building, middle campus

021 650 2977

Scouting for an internship or a part-time job?

Careers Service can help you write a CV and cover letter for job and internship opportunities. It also offers advice about working locally and overseas and can even help you access part-time work and internships.

Careers Service

Level 1, Hoerikwaggo Building, upper campus

021 650 2497

Need mental health support?

The Student Wellness Service provides mental health support and can make referrals for specialised support and care. They also offer support for relationship issues. The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) UCT Student Careline is your 24/7 source of help.

Student Wellness Service

Ivan Toms Building, 28 Rhodes Ave,


021 650 1017

SADAG UCT Student Careline

0800 24 25 26 (free from a landline) SMS 31393 (for a call-back)

Concerned about your safety?

Campus Protection Services (CPS) is responsible for campus safety and security 24/7, working from six service centres. They’ll respond to any criminal activity or safety concerns reported.

CPS 24-hour hotline 080 650 2222 (toll-free) or 021 650 2222/3

Need sexual assault support?

Survivor Support in the Office for Inclusivity & Change (OIC) provides advice and assistance in case of sexual assault and rape. The OIC works to ensure that all survivors of sexual violence receive compassionate care.

Survivor Support (OIC) 021 650 3530 / 072 393 7824 (24-hour hotline)

Rape Crisis 021 447 9762

Sexual health assistance

HIV testing and counselling, medication for sexually transmitted infections, and basic contraceptives are provided free of charge by the Student Wellness Service.

Student Wellness Service

Ivan Toms Building, 28 Rhodes Ave, Mowbray

021 650 1017/20

Can’t find the answers you’re looking for?

The Student Orientation and Advocacy Service offers general information on all aspects of campus life, including advice and referrals to other UCT services.

Student Orientation and Advocacy Service

Room 201, Level 2, Computer Science Building (Cissie Gool Plaza), upper campus

021 650 5082

Ask for help at the Department of Student Affairs, which oversees all student services and activities, including student orientation, sport and recreation, student accommodation, financial aid, and the Student Wellness Service.

Department of Student Affairs

Masingene Building, middle campus

021 650 2128

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