The bottom section of Madiba Circle (East) alongside the rugby fields closed for exams and other updates

12 November 2017 | 19:30 | Campus Announcement

Dear students and colleagues

The campus announcement aims to inform members of the University of Cape Town community about:

1. UCT operations

Friday last week marked the last day of classes for this year. UCT operations are continuing during consolidation week and in preparation for the exams. The Jammie Shuttles, the main UCT Library and all branch libraries are open, except for the Library Learning Lounge. The Hlanganani 24/7 Study Area is open.

2. Exam preparations

Exams will start on Wednesday, 15 November 2017 and conclude on 30 November 2017. Exam sessions will stretch throughout the day and into the early evening. Multiple sessions will run with thousands of students writing different exams each day.

As previously reported, UCT is now in full preparation phase for the final exams of 2017. Due to the ongoing risk of disruptions, an alternative plan is being executed to ensure the successful delivery of the exams. The plan is designed to ensure exams are concluded in a safe, quiet and calm atmosphere. The decision was made to construct a large, single venue for exams which can be secured and this is now under construction on the UCT rugby fields.

Access to the venue and the surrounding area is now strictly controlled. Please note that the bottom section of Madiba Circle (East) from the Sports Centre alongside the rugby fields towards the south exit/entrance is closed to all vehicle traffic until the conclusion of the exams. Foot traffic on Madiba Circle (East) from the Memorial Hall steps to the south of campus will also be restricted. Please note that Campus Protection Services (CPS) officers will perform routine security checks, access control and monitoring in the exam venue area and also in surrounding areas. The officers will be assisted by private security and members of the South African Police Services.

Further information on the finer details on the exam venue and related exam issues are being prepared and will be distributed to all students and staff before the commencement of the exams.

The executive have previously expressed regret that security must be deployed to such an extent on campus to secure the exam venue. Staff and students should expect increased visibility of security measures around the exam venue. In the prevailing context, there is unfortunately no alternative.

3. Reward for information relating to unlawful acts

The university is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and successful prosecution of anyone who commits an unlawful act on campus. If anyone has any information about any of these incidents please report it to CPS on 021 650 2222.

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In a statement to UCT students, Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price said:
“I wish no student to be ignorant about what constitutes unlawful protest behaviour.
Disruption of classes, blocking of entrances or exits, interfering with traffic flow, putting up barricades that prevent people from conducting normal business or attending classes, and any form of intimidation – whether physical or verbal – is unlawful.”