Update on DP certificates and UCT operations

07 November 2017 | 16:55 | Campus Announcement

Dear students and colleagues

The campus announcement aims to inform members of the University of Cape Town community about:

1. UCT operations

Campuses remain open and classes, tests and exams proceed as scheduled, but course conveners may postpone or cancel events at their discretion in the interests of safety. All UCT libraries (with the exception of the Bolus Herbarium Library, the Knowledge Commons and the Library Learning Lounge) are open. The Jammie Shuttle service is operating. Catering services will be suspended in residences up to and including Wednesday, 8 November 2017.

2. DP decision: Note from UCT Registrar Mr Royston Pillay

Due to the recent disruptions on campus and the effect on academic activities, the deans of the faculties have agreed to vary the approach to the granting of duly-performed (DP) certificates. (This will not be the case in the Faculty of Health Sciences – the attention of students in the faculty is specifically drawn to Note 3 below.)

As a result, all students will automatically be given a DP for courses that finished in the second semester, except if the DP requirement was already not met prior to 23 October.

Note 1: The 23rd of October is when class disruptions began this year. Work that was due on or after this date for the purposes of achieving DP, but was not completed or not adequately completed, will therefore not result in a DP being refused (DPR). However, if all the work that counted for DP purposes was due before 23 October (eg attendance at lectures, tutorials or practicals, or submission of assignments or performance in tests written before 23 October) and was not adequately completed, DP will not be granted under this concession that is specifically related to the disruptions.

Note 2: Where a course DP determination was due to include practical work or assignments that were scheduled on or after 23 October, and where (i) the performance or mastery of these is considered essential to earning credit for the course, or (ii) assessment of the work is not part of the final examination, then the student should still be given a DP in order to be allowed to write the examination, but be required to submit the outstanding work and fulfil the requirements of practical experience by 30 November 2017. The mark for this work will then contribute in the normal way to the overall class mark and be folded into the final course result. Any associated subminimum requirements will stand.

Note 3: For students in the Faculty of Health Sciences, given the requirements of the clinical training programme, the faculty’s regular timeline and DP requirements will apply.

3. Report on disruptions

Very early this morning, 7 November, a Campus Protection Services officer was on foot patrol on University Avenue on upper campus. In front of the John Day Building the officer saw a fire burning next to a departmental vehicle with five people throwing clothes on the fire. When the group saw him, they dropped everything and ran away. The officer successfully extinguished the fire. The incident has been reported to the South African Police Service, and a case has been opened as a possible arson attempt.

This morning, protesters also occupied the 24/7 Study Area and set up barricades at both the north and south entrances to upper campus. Campus Protection Services removed the obstructions.


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In a statement to UCT students, Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price said:
“I wish no student to be ignorant about what constitutes unlawful protest behaviour.
Disruption of classes, blocking of entrances or exits, interfering with traffic flow, putting up barricades that prevent people from conducting normal business or attending classes, and any form of intimidation – whether physical or verbal – is unlawful.”