Load-shedding implications for UCT and other updates

11 June 2021 | Campus Announcement

Dear colleagues and students

1. Load-shedding implications for UCT

Power utility Eskom announced that various load-shedding stages will be implemented. The below are implications for the university during Stage 3. We ask staff and students to note the below and please make the necessary arrangements.

  1. Generators will power up some buildings during load-shedding.
  2. The refilling of diesel in the generators usually happens after every second load-shedding and after business hours. During load-shedding stages 3 & 4, the generators will have to be refueled more frequently during the daytime. It might result in some inconvenience as staff and students will be on campus.
  3. Most venues are backed up by uninterruptible power supply (UPS) which only provides up to 2.5 hours of power. It takes 24 hours to recharge the UPS batteries. With the frequent load-shedding, it will be impossible for the batteries to recharge quickly enough. It will leave the areas covered by UPSs without electrical power.
  4. Frequent load-shedding will also affect emergency lighting fitted with battery packs. It will be impossible for the batteries to recharge as the required time for recharging is 24 hours.

2. Jammie Shuttles COVID-19 protocols

Although Jammie Shuttles are legally allowed to run at 100% capacity, UCT has put an additional precaution in place by not allowing standing passengers. This is to prevent the possibility of airborne droplets being exhaled onto a seated passenger by a standing passenger. UCT has given clear directives to the management of the Jammie Shuttle service to ensure that all COVID-19 protocols for the Jammie Shuttles are enforced.

If you feel that these protocols are not being adhered to, please contact the Jammie Shuttle manager or the UCT Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Department to report all the relevant details, so that the university can take immediate action.

  • OHS: Brent Proctor; 021 650 3487 (business hours)
  • Jammie Shuttle: Clive Lippert; 021 650 1707 (open till 22:00, Monday to Friday)

The following protocols need to be followed to ensure the health and safety of all passengers and drivers on the Jammie Shuttle:

  1. Complete the UCT Daily Screening App before you arrive at the pickup point, and show the Daily Screening Green result to the terminal marshal or bus driver
  2. Wear a mask at all times
  3. Ensure social distancing of 1.5 m when queuing for the shuttle
  4. Sanitise your hands before entering the shuttle
  5. Ensure that you are seated when using the shuttle
  6. If there are no empty seats, disembark and wait for the next shuttle
  7. Keep windows open to ensure good ventilation

3. Guidelines for the June examination period

The university, in consultation and co-operation with the national and provincial Departments of Health and the UCT Student Representative Council, has developed guidelines for the June examination period. These were developed in keeping with principles that underpin the institution’s approach to the operational plans for the academic year.

The number of students sitting in invigilated exams is a small percentage of our student body. All health and safety requirements in line with current lockdown protocols will be applied. Ventilation has been assessed at all exam venues and upgraded where required. This may make some venues colder, so students are advised to bring a warm coat with them to exam venues.

Everyone in the exam venue will be required to wear a mask. Sanitisers will be provided at entrances.


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