Amathuba update: Migration phase 2 & 3

12 June 2024

Dear colleagues and students

With the wrap-up of Semester 1, we would like to update you about migration from Vula to Amathuba, UCT’s new digital learning platform, and what you can expect in the coming months as we continue to enhance your teaching and learning experience.

1. Progress update and next steps

The Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) has completed Phase 2 of the migration, where most second- and third-year courses have been migrated for teaching on the platform in 2024. From July, we will begin Phase 3 of the migration. This is the third and final phase and includes all postgraduate course sites and any remaining second- and third-year sites that did not migrate in Phase 2. These course sites will be migrated to Amathuba in the upcoming months and all courses will be taught on Amathuba in 2025.

2. Existing Semester 2 Amathuba sites

If you taught your Semester 2 site on Amathuba in 2023, you can create a 2024 site by logging a request on ServiceNow and importing your course content as required.

3. Non-teaching or student support sites

If you own a non-teaching, student support, project or community site on Vula, please do one of the following:

4. Important information related to non-teaching or student support sites on Vula

  • Throughout 2024, we encourage you to use the ‘Announcements’ feature in Amathuba for first-, second- and third-year students. This change is in preparation for all courses that will be taught on Amathuba in 2025.
  • If Amathuba is not a suitable platform for your administration site, please consider alternatives such as MS Teams or contact the CILT Helpdesk for advice.
  • Recruitment needs to move to SuccessFactors Recruiting. Please consult your HR Business Partner for further information if needed.

5. Support and training

Support and training are recommended for all staff, whether you have opted for CILT-supported or self-service conversion:

  1. Guided training: taking you step-by-step through the process of learning to use the Amathuba platform. Please sign up through the link on each session:
  1. Self-paced Amathuba course: as an alternative to the in-person training.
  1. You can also access some of our quick guides. These can be used as stand-alone resources or to supplement your training on Amathuba.
  1. For additional support you can:
  • schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our learning designers to take you through creating content on your Amathuba course, or work through any teaching and learning challenges you may have, or.
  • alternatively, reach out to the CILT Helpdesk.


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