Great expectations of graduates

15 December 2010

Graduation message from vice-chancellor Dr Max Price

Dr Max PriceThere are few jobs as satisfying as sending UCT graduates out into the world. My colleagues and I have reason to celebrate - not only on the day of your graduation ceremony, but also in the years to come, as we read about UCT alumni who actively participate and contribute to the communities in which they work and live.

We will hear of you as you start new business ventures (or transform old ones); make inroads in the fields of medicine, science and technology; win landmark court cases or rewrite law; break new ground in the arts, literature and media; build an eye-catching new style of building or bridge - or perhaps engineer the formula that will lead to the replacement of petroleum some day.

We are sending you out with great expectations, just as I know you have ambitious expectations of yourself. You have already met the high standards that were set for you in order to graduate. This is no ordinary achievement.

You all came from different environments, schools, personal circumstances and ability. There must have been many academic, financial, social and personal challenges to meet on the path that led you to this graduation ceremony. Yet, here you are. Graduates of UCT!v

I am also certain that in most cases, as you faced these hurdles, you relied on the support of family members and friends. They too are congratulated today.

You have the privilege of higher education that many will never attain. It is most important that you put this to use in the world for the benefit of all. It will be the values and social commitment that inform your work and achievements that will make us most proud of you as graduates of UCT.

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