Campus crime at its lowest level in six years

05 March 2007

With two strikes in quick succession (the UCT Employees Union and RoyalSechaba), Campus Protection Services (CPS) are gearing up to deal with the surge of student activity on campus, including a full extra-curricular programme.

Nonetheless, the Zero in on Crime campaign has posted some heartening successes, says CPS. The net result is a 27.4% drop in crime on campus, which is at its lowest ebb in six years. Hats off to the CPS team.

"All classes of crime have dropped except theft in residences, which is the most difficult category to police," said operations manager Anwar Sambaba.

Though CPS has run extensive crime prevention programmes for first-year students, theft from residences has already made an unwelcome appearance.

The message is clear. Students need to follow the simple guidelines CPS have set out: keep your windows closed when you're out or asleep, lock your rooms, and don't leave valuables lying about.

Please make sure that you carry your staff or student identification card with you at all times on campus. CPS will conduct spot checks.

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