Looking for subjects for new study

07 August 2006

Juliet Evans could break plenty of new ground with her study on the role that genes and environmental factors play in white South African women who are overweight.

Evans, a master's student in the MRC/UCT Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine (ESSM), plans to examine the interaction between genetic and environmental factors and their impact on body fatness and the risk factors associated with diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. If all the pieces fall into place, her study will also be the largest of its kind.

First thing first, though. For her study, Evans needs 240 normal weight and overweight white South African women. (Tests on black women have been completed.) The volunteers must be between 21- and 45-years old.

The women will be required to take part in three sessions. The third will be at N1 City Hospital, where they will have a CT scan to determine fat distribution.

For the study, Evans will also take crucial body measurements - including weight, height, muscle mass, etc - and will also require a small (very small) blood sample. A qualified dietician will also do a dietary analysis of each volunteer.

(The series of tests are valued at about R1 000.)

For more information about the study, please contact Evans at jevans@sports.uct.ac.za or 082 336 6688.

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07 Aug 2006

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