Join UCT’s Sustainable Campus Guided Walking Tour

11 October 2023 | Professor Sue Harrison

Dear postgraduate students

Sustainability is a key priority for the University of Cape Town (UCT), with wide and critical impact in multiple ways, that the manner in which we address sustainability permeates our financial standing, our environment, places and spaces, the educational landscape and our society. We recognise the building of sustainability into the fabric of our university, city, society and beyond as an important ongoing conversation. In this update, I highlight how we, as an institution, are committed to driving and supporting initiatives which contribute to sustainability, and invite you to join the journey with us.

Join UCT’s Sustainable Campus Guided Walking Tour for postgraduate students.

Through our Sustainable Campus project, Khusela Ikamva (“secure the future”), we are treating our campus as a living laboratory, exploring solutions for sustainability that have potential to be applied at larger scale and beyond the UCT campus in the future. Key to the success of this project is the engagement of our campus community. I would therefore like to extend an invitation to our postgraduate students to join UCT’s Director: Environmental Sustainability, Manfred Braune, on the UCT Sustainable Campus Guided Walking Tour to see for themselves how the Khusela Ikamva initiative is transforming UCT into a sustainable campus for the future.

This project addresses the environmental, financial and social impacts associated with five core themes in the UCT campus context: energy/carbon, water, waste, wildlife and social responsiveness. Khusela Ikamva aims to support and build on UCT’s environmental sustainability strategy. It includes research to determine the feasibility of particular elements but, equally, the trialling of these elements as part of our campus.

Learn more about Khusela Ikamva and UCT’s sustainability strategy on the walking tour:

Date: 19 October 2023
Time: 12:00–13:30
Where: Starting at Sarah Baartman Hall, main entrance
Register: Attendance is free but places are limited (only 25 students can be accommodated on the tour at one time). Be sure to register online before 16 October 2023.

Khusela Ikamva webinar

The project will host an online webinar for postgraduate students to give an overview of the initiative currently underway. A particularly important part of this session will also include gathering ideas on how you, UCT’s postgraduate students, think the university can make your campus more sustainable.

The webinar will be set for early November – you will be contacted with an invite once you register.


Professor Sue Harrison
Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Internationalisation

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