Impact of loadshedding on UCT operations

28 June 2022

Dear students and colleagues

Power utility Eskom has announced that loadshedding is due to continue until at least Wednesday, 29 June.

Loadshedding will regrettably have an impact on university operations. Below are implications for the university’s on-campus operations during loadshedding. Staff and students are urged to note these and please make the necessary arrangements where required.

  • Generators will power up some buildings during loadshedding.
  • The refilling of diesel in the generators usually happens after every second loadshedding and after business hours. During loadshedding stages 3 & 4, the generators will have to be refuelled more frequently during the daytime. This might result in some inconvenience as staff and students will be on campus.
  • Most venues are backed up by uninterruptible power supply (UPS) which only provides up to 2.5 hours of power. It takes 24 hours to recharge the UPS batteries. With the frequent loadshedding, it will be impossible for the batteries to recharge quickly enough. It will leave the areas covered by UPSs without electrical power.
  • Frequent loadshedding will also affect emergency lighting fitted with battery packs. It will be impossible for the batteries to recharge as the required time for recharging is 24 hours.

It is advisable for staff and students to regularly check loadshedding schedules in their zones, whether on campus or elsewhere for those working or studying remotely, to minimise the impact of loadshedding.

Currently, when there is power outage on campus, venues are either powered using generators or UPS systems. However, some venues do not have backup power. To maintain uninterrupted services, Properties and Services (P&S) are working towards ensuring all venues have power during outages. This is a long-term project and until it can be ensured that all venues have backup power, P&S has put together some measures to enable faculties to book venues with backup power or reschedule classes in accordance with the loadshedding schedule.

The following resources will be made available:

Loadshedding timetable

Staff and students are urged to take note of the loadshedding timetables, which can be accessed online or via mobile apps.

Please note that although the timetables are mostly reliable, loadshedding levels may change at any time.

Resource booker

The online venue booking system, resource booker, will include information on available venues that have power backup during loadshedding.

Users making venue bookings via resource booker will be able to verify whether their allocated venue has backup power.

The use of computers during loadshedding

Please refer to the communique sent out by ICTS on the use of computers during loadshedding.


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