Monday, 6 November

06 November 2017


UCT operations continue despite some interruptions which have particularly affected upper campus. Course convenors have discretion as to how classes, tests, practicals and assignments are to proceed.


Protesters caused disruptions at test venues in the UCT Sports Centre on Thursday evening, 2 November. Private security officers were able to hold the line and managed to prevent protesters from entering the venue. Public Order Policing officers used stun grenades to disperse the protesting crowd.

On Friday evening, 3 November, a test at the Sports Centre was again targeted. This time protesters threw bricks at the building, smashing several windows. Protesters also threw fire crackers into and around the venue, causing severe noise disturbances. While private security was able to prevent the protesters from entering the venue, Public Order Policing officers could not immediately attend to the situation. The test had to be called off.

This morning (Monday, 6 November) protesters barricaded UCT’s north entrance with sand bags. Public Order Policing officers removed the obstructions and were able to clear the road. Residence dining rooms on lower campus were also targeted by protesters and were forced to close. Groups of protesters disrupted classes and lectures across campus this morning. In the process, more buildings were vandalised.

While Campus Protection Services and private security officers are doing all they can within their operational limitations, they have so far been unable to contain the protesting group. This situation has been exacerbated by protesters resorting to increasingly violent and unlawful action. Public Order Policing officers will, however, continue in their attempts to manage the situation wherever possible.

The executive have expressed grave concern that it is likely that many of the protesters may not be UCT students.


The present situation on campus has not allowed the university to resume the residence catering service. Students in residences will, therefore, be provided with food vouchers up to and including Wednesday, 8 November 2017.


All UCT libraries are now open.


The main library has been temporarily closed due to possible disruptions by protesters on upper campus.


A test in the Sports Centre has been suspended due to disruptions. A group of around 30 protesters has forced people out of a computer lab in the Menzies building.


The Law Library has been closed temporarily. The Library Learning Lounge has been closed until further notice.


Campuses remain open with all classes, tests and exams proceeding as agreed with course conveners. The Jammie Shuttle service is running with disruptions on lower campus. All libraries are open. The executive are reassessing the situation after disruptions at test venues over the weekend.

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