Applications for fellowships

29 March 2010

The Fellowships Committee calls for nominations for the award of Fellowships, which are awarded in recognition of original, distinguished academic work.


  • Members of academic staff appointed to permanent posts on or before 1 January 2006 are eligible for consideration;
  • Persons whose candidacy for the award was considered in 2007, 2008 and 2009 may not re-apply and may not be re-nominated.


  • Members of Senate are invited to submit nominations; and
  • Officers eligible for the award are invited to submit applica tions.

Such nominations and applications are to be submitted to The Registrar (for the attention of Mrs Denise Benjamin, Room 141, Bremner Building) by no later than Friday 9 April 2010.

Supporting documentation

Nominations and applications must be accompanied by a citation, a curriculum vitae, details (and copies) of publications (or cited references), and other evidence of distinction. The names, addresses, fax number and/or email addresses of three referees whom the University may consult must be provided. Referees should be persons of standing (preferably of international standing, where the field of activity of the candidate makes this a reasonable requirement) in the discipline in which the candidate is working. The suggested length of the citation is a three-quarter page of typed text in single spacing.

It is also important for a nominator (or applicant) to identify the specific areas in which the nominee (or applicant) has made original contributions to knowledge and to point out the significance of his or her work, particularly in the international context, by, for example, reference to published work in international journals of recognised academic standing. Among such publications should preferably be a major work.

A nominator (who is not a Fellow) and an applicant must provide the name of a person, not necessarily a Fellow, to perform the role of orator at the meeting(s) of the committee to present the case for the candidate.

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