10 May 2004

Dented car

I would like to comment on the parking at UCT, which is becoming more and more hazardous. My car has been damaged twice within one month.

Yesterday, when I returned to my car in the afternoon, the door on the driver's side would not open sufficiently for me to get into my car. The door was dented as well as the panel next to the door, which showed a long scratch.

Someone had obviously bumped into my car while I was away and they had driven off without leaving a note.

Less than a month ago the mirrorcase on the driver's side of my car had been pulled totally out of its socket, leaving the mirror and all the wires dangling at a useless angle.

What next?

Exasperated staff member

Pedestrians, take care

I commute from Fish Hoek to Rosebank via train, then like many students and staff members, walk up the road en route to the Jammie Shuttles at Tugwell residences.

Every morning I get butterflies in my tummy (I expect other pedestrians do as well) at the thought of crossing the Main Road.

My feelings of angst are duly founded on the fact that last year I saw two students being knocked down (fortunately not badly injured) and again this morning (Friday, April 30), I saw a student being wheeled into an ambulance having just been hit by a car.

It scares me to think that the odds are pretty high that this will not be the last time someone is hit.

The atmosphere at the scene of an accident is sickening and it really upset me.

We are all guilty of crossing to the white line then taking a gap to get across. I realise we are wrong but so, too, are the drivers of the speeding cars and violating taxis. The pedestrian crossing, a little further up the road, cannot be moved closer as it would then be too close to the robots.

The other alternative is to have a walkover bridge built at a huge cost. But who is willing to equate that cost to one life lost? Please, UCT pedestrians be careful!

Eugene Marais
Tax secretary
Department of Accounting

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Volume 23 Edition 12

10 May 2004

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