Request for staff to confirm their demographic data

29 August 2023 | Professor Elelwani Ramugondo

Dear colleagues

In line with the Employment Equity Act and the reporting requirements of the Department of Employment and Labour, the University of Cape Town (UCT) is required to conduct an analysis of our workforce profile according to race, disability, gender and nationality.

To ensure that the information provided to the department is accurate, staff are required to verify the demographic data submitted to Human Resources at the time of their appointment to UCT.

We hereby request that staff members confirm their information.

The demographic information staff are requested to review for this purpose includes their gender, ethnic origin, (dis)ability status and citizenship (nationality).

Please note that:

Designated groups means black people, women and people with disabilities who:

  1. are citizens of the Republic of South Africa by birth or descent, or
  2. became citizens of the Republic of South Africa by naturalisation –
    1. before 27 April 1994; or
    2. after 26 April 1994 and who would have been entitled to acquire citizenship by naturalisation prior to that date but who were precluded by apartheid policies.

If there are changes to your demographic information, please note the following when submitting the HR101 personal details form:

  1. For changes to the status of your nationality/citizenship please submit your national identity document.
  2. For changes to gender identity please ensure that you have the prerequisite documentation from the Department of Home Affairs available.
  3. For changes to disability status please register with the Disability Service through the Disability Verification Form. Please book an appointment with the UCT disability manager to discuss your reasonable accommodations as per your medical practitioners’ recommendations.

It would be appreciated if staff could complete the form by Friday, 8 September 2023. This process should take no more than five minutes.

Please note that after this date the link will no longer be active as we need to consolidate the information received from staff to update HR records. Also please note that where information is not updated, the status quo will remain.

Your cooperation in this regard is appreciated.


Professor Elelwani Ramugondo
Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Transformation, Student Affairs and Social Responsiveness

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