New website for UCT art collection and other updates

02 September 2020 | Campus Announcement

Dear colleagues and students

This campus announcement aims to inform the UCT community about recent developments on campus.

1. New website for UCT art collection

UCT houses a collection of some 1700 artworks – many of which representing the work of South Africa’s most noted artists, as well as the art of emerging talents. The collection is exhibited throughout UCT’s four campuses, dispersed among buildings, offices, lecture halls, passages and plazas. The Works of Art Committee is proud to announce that the collection now has, for the first time in its 42-year history, a dedicated website.

2. Resumption of Jammie Shuttle service and new app

A limited number of Jammie Shuttles started operating on 1 September to cater for staff and students who have been invited back to campus. The routes currently provided for are Claremont, Hiddingh, Faculty of Health Sciences, Mowbray and student residences.

For ease of commuting, UCT in partnership with GoMetro is launching a mobile/cellphone Jammie Shuttle App which will be available from 7 September. It will provide timetables and real-time information on the Jammie Shuttles, including the expected time of arrival at each bus stop on any given route, allowing the user to reduce waiting time. The app will also display bus movements on a map, and this information will be updated in real-time, thus ensuring that notices for delays or incidents are immediate.

The app has many more features and functions that aim to create a good experience for staff and students using the Jammie Shuttle. It will also link to Metrorail and other transport networks to allow for a better commute.

To download and register for the app, use your standard UCT system login details (staff/student number and current password).

For support in setting up or using the app, please contact 021 650 5289 (office hours), 021 650 2222 / 080 650 2222 (after hours),

3. How does changing the medium change the way of doing things?

COVID-19 has radically changed the way that universities do everything: research, teaching, social responsiveness and internationalisation – with most activities now taking place on virtual platforms. Join Vice-Chancellor Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng as she hosts the last session in the Unleashing the New Global University series. The session, to be held on Monday, 7 September 2020 from 17:30 to 19:30, will creatively address how more equal relationships might be formed, and how digitally mediated forms of global engagement might enable what Nancy Fraser calls “participatory parity”.

4. COVID-19 update

The university has 96 reported COVID-19 cases among the non-health sciences staff members as at 1 September. There has been 78 staff recoveries reported. UCT has 35 reported student cases, including 10 Faculty of Health Sciences students on clinical platforms. The number of members of the UCT community sadly lost due to the pandemic remains 10 – nine staff and one student.

5. Responding to Level 2 COVID-19 regulations

UCT has developed a framework for identifying which students and staff may return in a phased approach, and this is being implemented by invitation only, after the necessary health assessments have been concluded and after formal authorisation has been granted. Very strict monitoring, social distancing and other health regulations will be in place for those returning. No other student or staff member, apart from those identified, will be able to return.

6. Inaugural UCT Open Textbook Award

Nominations are open for the inaugural UCT Open Textbook Award, which aims to incentivise innovation in teaching and learning, recognise the efforts of open textbook authors and promote the creation and reuse of open educational resources. The UCT Open Textbook Award carries a value of R30 000 and may be shared between more than one recipient. There is no time limit in terms of the publication date. The deadline for nominations is 30 September 2020.

7. Latest phishing attack

The UCT Computer Security Incident Response Team is currently investigating a new phishing attempt, which pretends to be from Microsoft. The email entitled ‘Your mailbox requires update’ urges users to update their mailbox or else it will be deactivated. Staff and students are urged to remain vigilant against this kind of phishing attempts.

8. Updating contact details for the UCT switchboard

One of the impacts of the lockdown has been on the way people contact departments – with some of the pre-lockdown communication channels no longer proving effective for some departments. Departments whose contact details have changed – either general numbers or numbers of key individuals – are requested to please let the switchboard know. This will greatly assist the switchboard and callers to reach such departments efficiently and effectively. Updated contact details (extension numbers, cellphone numbers and/or email addresses) should be sent to

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