Monday, 6 July

06 July 2020


The University of Cape Town (UCT) has developed a COVID-19 Return to UCT policy framework to guide faculties and departments on how the university will achieve its phased-in return to campus.

This framework document does not signal a return to business as usual – in fact, it signals just the opposite. The framework provides a way for UCT to work in the COVID-19 Cape Metropolitan “hotspot” area. Staff and students are encouraged to work or study from home and only return to campus when invited to do so.

The COVID-19 Return to UCT policy framework will help us take individual and collective responsibility for managing the impact of COVID-19 on our working and home lives.

The Department of Properties and Services and the Department of Student Affairs will work in collaboration with faculties, departments and units across the university. Every head of department will need to discuss the following with their team members:

  • Can staff members and students continue to work remotely?
  • If it is necessary to return to the office, what challenges will people face in terms of physical distancing, the use of common areas and public facilities, and hygiene practices on frequently touched surfaces?
  • What changes need to be made to UCT facilities and how we use them across campus?
  • How will we need to change how we behave on campus?

This framework provides guidelines for our responses when someone does contract the virus while on campus.

The only way this framework can succeed is if each of us shares responsibility for following it. The university urges each of you to commit to taking that personal and collective responsibility as we adjust our home and work lives through this pandemic.

Read the COVID-19 Return to UCT policy framework.

Read the related process flows to help us manage our daily personal risks on the return to UCT campuses.

Please visit the Coronavirus Disease 2019 page on the UCT News website for more information.

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