Extend your degree

20 January 2020

An Extended Degree Programme (EDP) gives you the option of taking more time and being offered support to help you complete your degree. To find out more, contact your faculty’s Education Development Unit.

About EDP

It offers extra academic and social support to help you make the school-to-university transition and adjust to university life. The EDP also helps you to plan your curriculum over a longer period.

The benefits

You’re able to complete your degree with stronger transcripts and it improves your chances of getting into postgraduate studies.

How it supports you

Mentoring, more time in class and loads of interaction outside the classroom. The classes are smaller too!

The effect on your curriculum and degree

Depending on the faculty, the alternative curriculum usually takes between six months and a year longer than the standard route. The degree earned remains the same.

Is it right for you?

First-year students may be selected, advised or may choose to follow an EDP depending on the faculty. The admissions criteria vary. When students can enter the EDP also differs from faculty to faculty.

For more info

For more information, contact your faculty’s Education Development Unit (Do you know your faculty?). You can also speak to someone at the First-Year Experience (Supporting you).

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