Sutherland Reburial and other updates

14 November 2019 | Campus Announcement

Dear students and colleagues

This campus announcement aims to inform members of the University of Cape Town (UCT) community about:

1. Sutherland Reburial

After an archiving audit of the UCT Human Skeletal Collection in 2017, the university discovered that it had 11 skeletons in its collection that were unethically obtained by the institution. The university has acknowledged this past injustice, which forms part of its history. Nine of these individuals were brought to the university in the 1920s from Sutherland in the Northern Cape. UCT is working with the community of Sutherland to return the remains of these nine individuals to their descendants. An interdisciplinary team of academics from UCT and two international partner institutions has conducted unprecedented scientific studies. This process has enabled the university to provide redress and restitution.

2. Summary of the 2018 report on research

UCT’s summary of the 2018 report on research to Senate and Council has been released. It outlines institution-wide highlights and risks relating to the UCT research enterprise.

The highlights cover areas where UCT is succeeding, particularly where it has launched initiatives to address specific strategic needs or risks. This includes three UCT programmes to forge an inclusive identity and sustain excellence: the Decoloniality Project (2017–2019), the 2030 Future Research Leaders Project (2019–2024) and the Advancing Womxn Awards (2019–2024).

The risks, while not a comprehensive list, demonstrate some of the most pressing issues facing the institution’s research enterprise.

3. UCT News audio articles

A selection of UCT News articles is now being published with accompanying audio recordings to make news content more accessible and to ensure inclusivity across the wider university community. The audio articles are available via the UCT News site, allowing you to enjoy news content conveniently wherever you are.

4. December 2019 graduation

UCT Senate and Council have approved the roster of December 2019 graduation ceremonies. There will be a total of six ceremonies, taking place on Thursday, 12 December, Friday, 13 December, and Monday, 23 December 2019.


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