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19 November 2015 | Campus Announcement

Dear colleagues and students

This communication serves to inform you of the latest developments on campus in relation to exams and any potential disruptions.

  • Exams to continue: Some 15 747 undergraduate students are registered to write exams in November, while 2 567 have elected to defer their full exam block to January 2016. As of today a further 1 000 have applied to defer individual exams to 2016 (although this figure changes daily as applications come in). This means that the vast majority of students have opted to sit the exams now in November 2015. For more information on exams, see the red exams block on the home page, or click here for updates. Exams will conclude on 27 November 2015.
  • Interruption of exam: Exam sessions have been running without incident since the start of exams last week Monday, 9 November 2015 – with the exception of one exam on Monday, 16 November 2015. That afternoon, an exam at the sports centre was briefly interrupted due to the actions of protesters. Security prevented protesters from accessing the venue and the exam continued and concluded with extra time allowed. The report on this incident is available here.
  • Protecting exam venues: UCT is committed to concluding the November 2015 exams successfully. Invigilators are briefed on how to manage any possible disruption. Additional members of staff are in each venue, supporting those sitting exams. Furthermore, UCT’s campus protection services (CPS) have been deployed to ensure venues are safe and free from disruption, and additional CPS are available to assist in the prevention and management of any case of disruption. As such, there might be heightened security visible from time to time on campus. All additional protection officers report to UCT CPS.
  • Serious incident at Avenue House: The vice-chancellor has written to the university campus community about an incident of sexual violence that occurred at Avenue House. Read this letter. The alleged perpetrator appeared in court this morning.
  • Security breach at Fuller: On Monday night, 16 November 2015, a man was seen lingering around Fuller Residence and it is believed that he entered the residence through a fire escape door that was left unlocked. He was spotted and security was alerted. To enable the sub-warden team and CPS staff to search every room, an emergency evacuation was called and the intruder was located and taken into custody by SAPS. On location, he appeared confused and seemed to have been asleep. He trespassed on UCT property but did not threaten or harm any student or staff member. The warden at Fuller has been engaging with Fuller residents and parents about the incident. The intruder is now on the CPS watch list and will be arrested on sight if he is ever found on campus again. Steps have been taken to ensure that the fire escape door cannot be used as a casual passage in and out of the building.
  • Counselling: The stress of exams as well as the situation on campus in relations to recent protest action at UCT and on various campuses nationwide has resulted in some staff and students needing support, counselling or trauma assistance. Information on assistance is available here.
  • Facilities at UCT: All facilities at UCT are currently operational. This includes the libraries, study centres and Jammie shuttles. Any change to this status will be posted first on the UCT home page.
  • Additional announcements released recently:
    • Find the announcement by the Department of Higher Education on the extension of student permits for international students here.
    • For the latest information related to graduation in December 2015, click here.
    • Students may remain in residences until 28 November 2015. Contact for more information.
    • The continued option available to students until 27 November 2015 to defer exams here
  • Find the most updated information: To keep up to date with campus activities and new information, we encourage you to visit UCT’s website and Facebook page regularly and to follow the official UCT Twitter account, @UCT_News. This is the quickest way to get the latest information. If you need information not covered here, or have suggestions on how to improve these campus announcements, please respond by return email.
Please note: If you have any security concerns, please contact campus protection services on 021 650 2222/3.


Gerda Kruger
Executive Director: Communication & Marketing Department


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