Ask an expert: Heated debates

25 February 2015

Monday Monthly launches an 'Ask an Expert' series where we get experts in the UCT-community to speak on a range of pressing issues. This time we approached students and staff to speak on a topic that affects us all – climate change.

Global temperature graphUpward trend: Though the earth is meant to be in a period of global cooling, this graph from NASA shows that temperatures have been rising steadily over the past century.

Slowing global warming is like turning an oil tanker

Monday Monthly speaks to a resident expert on climate change at UCT, Professor Mark New. New addresses 2014 being the hottest year ever recorded and advises us that abandoning carbon-based fuels over the next 20 years is an ideal scenario.

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Climate change: A developmental issue

A big contributor to continued climate change is the absence of a clean transition away from carbon-based fuels and an efficient plan to deal with the potential disaster risks associated with climate change. Professor Stephanie Midgley and Doctor Gina Ziervogel, both experts on climate and disaster risks look at how climate change could affect South Africans.

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Carbon-based living

Director of UCT's Energy Research Centre Professor Harald Winkler adds to these concerns by sharing some insights into South Africa's policies on carbon emissions and where world leaders should be headed in the next 10 to 15 years.

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Students for sustainable living and Genuine alternatives?

Master's student and expert-in-the-making Guy Cunliffe opens up on how students are making a difference through the Green Campus initiative and also shares his knowledge on genuine alternatives to fossil-fuelled energy.

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