23 February 2017

Dear freshers,

Welcome to the best years of your life!

We’d like you to think of this paper as a guide to getting to grips with UCT.

You’re probably already full of questions: Where’s the plaza? Who are the Ikeys? What’s DPR? What’s RAG? Why are there so many acronyms? What are these people talking about?

For the low-down on vital UCT lingo, check out page 3 – it should help you settle into your new home just a little easier.

Check out the pull-out maps so that you can at least find your res and lecture venues.

Your orientation leader will probably explain the basics, like what a faculty is, where you sign up for tuts, who to ask for writing help and where you can find the best Wi-Fi hotspots and eating places. But they’re also there to help you with any questions you might have, so don’t be shy – make them work for their money! They can’t know everything, of course, so find out about things like making the most of local and student discounts on photo prints, clothing and sporting events on pages 6 and 7.

Nailing your studies should be your default setting, of course, but university is a unique chance to grow your people and personal skills – so build your networks, evolve your thinking and play some sport. You have the incredible opportunity to join one, or more, of the dozens of sports clubs, societies, political groups or leadership bodies at UCT. Find something that grabs your attention and get involved. You can sign up on the Jammie plaza during O-Week.

Now it’s time to get acclimatised (sometimes literally) to your home away from home. If you’re new to Cape Town, don’t be surprised if the weather makes no sense at all – there really can be four seasons in a day.

Trust us, the best is yet to come.

Campus Life

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