Post-apocalyptic SAX

08 February 2013 | Story by Newsroom

Post-apocalyptic SAX hits the streets.

The zombie-like figures that offered you copies of SAX Appeal in exchange for money on 7 February were not, in fact, manifestations of a long-awaited apocalypse.

They were UCT students participating in Remember and Give (RAG)'s annual SAX Appeal drive to sell thousands of copies of the historic magazine with the proceeds supporting RAG's outreach programmes.

To mark the 80th anniversary of SAX Appeal, student society RAG designed the 2013 edition around the 'Post-apocalyptic SAX' theme. Frankie A'Bear, RAG project manager, said the theme was in celebration of Earth surviving the end-of-the-world in December 2012.

RAG aimed to sell 36 000 copies of SAX Appeal this year, she said.

Vendors had different tales to tell of the motorists that passed them by. Leyla Heylen, first-year student and SAX Appeal vendor, said trade was slow at the best of times. "[Some motorists] just flat out ignore us," she rued. Not that this stopped her from having a good time. "It's just fun, and it's for a good cause, and you get to dress up," said Heylen.

Meanwhile, business boomed in Milo Phaswana's neck of the woods. The actuarial science student had only positive experiences to report. "I'm having tons of fun," Phaswana declared. "Very hard work, but it's also very rewarding and satisfying. The fact that you're doing something to make our country a better place [makes it rewarding]. We're really in a tough situation, so we're just doing our best.

"They've been selling like hot cakes!" he reported. "I've sold thirty-something already. It's really awesome. People are supporting it; they recognise us; they know us. They're loving the theme.

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