Curriculum Change Framework feedback

The Curriculum Change Working Group (CCWG) was set up to facilitate dialogue across the university over a period of 18 months (March 2016 to September 2017) in order to shape strategies for meaningful curriculum change. The outcome of the process has led to the development of the Curriculum Change Framework, which highlights key pathways to meaningful curriculum change.

We hope that the framework will serve as an invitation for academic and research units at UCT to reflect on their own understanding of curriculum change, as well as on past, current and future practices of curriculum review, innovation and broader change within the academy.

Engaging with the Curriculum Change Framework is a fundamental step in an institutional dialogue about curriculum and the meanings and practices of curriculum change across disciplines.

To make the process inclusive and transparent, you are invited to send your comments on the framework to Anthea Metcalfe (

Please note that all comments or documents submitted will be loaded to this page and will be fully accessible to the public.