Cape Town water crisis

Cape Town is in the midst of the worst drought in living memory. At UCT, researchers have been busy behind the scenes analysing the causes of the current drought, looking into water usage in the city and on campus, studying how our neighbouring countries have successfully been dealing with drought, and looking for ways in which we can save water while there is still time.

Is Cape Town’s drought the new normal? UCT’s Climate System Analysis Group looks at 100 years of data to give us an idea of the future of Cape Town’s rainfall patterns. 01 Nov 2017 Republished
What about rainwater harvesting? With the rainy season drawing to a close, hydro-climatologist Piotr Wolski suggests that rainwater harvesting may help with getting through the dry months of 2018. 30 Oct 2017
UCT preparing for a water-sensitive campus The current drought is an opportunity for UCT to use its water-sensitive urban-design expertise to showcase what it means to be a water-sensitive campus. 23 Oct 2017
Why Cape Town’s drought was so hard to forecast Cape Town’s drought and associated water shortage has officially escalated to the level of a disaster, which comes with severe water restrictions. 20 Oct 2017 Republished