UCT’s current Teaching and Learning Framework

27 July 2022

Dear colleagues and students

As a contact university, we look forward to readjusting our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in 2023 as the COVID-19 regulations have been repealed.

The current Teaching and Learning Framework builds on previous versions, which helped us to navigate teaching and learning at the University of Cape Town during the pandemic. It presents guidelines for how we will transition into the second semester in 2022 which commences this week, as well as into the 2023 academic year.

For undergraduate programmes, we are maximising face-to-face teaching to enhance participation by students. While we are obliged by regulations to retain our contact time with students as per our Handbook, we will also incorporate the use of digital resources into aspects of our teaching and learning.

Furthermore, there have been several lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic which we draw on as we transition into the second semester and beyond.

Some of the health and safety measures we have learned during the period of the pandemic are around our teaching venues, which now have adequate ventilation and adhere more to health and safety standards.

We also value the social compact of the university community in taking the necessary health precautions to ensure that we collectively create a healthy environment for teaching and learning.

Postgraduate programmes are varied in nature and are guided by a set of principles in the Teaching and Learning Framework which encourage interaction, flexibility and safety.

As we make this transition, the journey will be different for each of us as we readjust. It is therefore crucial that we continue creating a caring and supportive community in the interests of our collective well-being, teaching and learning.


Professor Harsha Kathard
Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching and Learning

In July 2022, the University of Cape Town (UCT) revised its approach to managing the COVID-19 pandemic on UCT campuses in 2022.
Read the latest document available on the UCT policies web page.

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