Campus Update

15 April 2017
Campus announcement
15 April 2016

Dear colleagues and students,

We are writing to alert you to:

  • the deadline for submission in renaming Jameson Hall, which is today: Friday, 15 April 2016
  • various incidents of off-campus criminal activities
  • fraudulent use of SAP forms
  • the release of the publication 2015: A year in review
  • the latest VC Desks and DVC Desks for your information.

Reminder: Submission deadline for renaming of Jameson Hall is Friday, 15 April 2016

The deadline for the renaming of Jameson Hall is today: Friday, 15 April. The Task Team on the Naming of Buildings, Rooms, Spaces and Roads is seeking comment from students, staff members, as well as members of the wider UCT community, including alumni from around the world. Everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute by presenting views and arguments about whether certain names should be changed or left as is and, if changed, to suggest alternative names. You can gain some important background information, including procedures the task team will use in assessing proposals, by reading the following documents:

Off-campus crime alert

Students have been attacked in armed robberies on 1 April 2016 in Selby Road, Mowbray, in the late afternoon and near the Mowbray taxi rank late at night. On 11 April, two students were robbed in Norfolk Road, Observatory, late at night and one of the students was assaulted. We would like to remind you of the Campus Protection Service (CPS) 24-hour hotline: 021 650 2222/3 for campus emergencies. For off-campus emergencies, please call 10111. CPS officers are available to assist if you need medical attention or need to report an off-campus crime to the South African Police Service (SAPS).

Scam alert: fraudulent use of SAP forms

Fraudulent incidents involving the Use of the Emergency Purchaser Order Request form (MM016) and the Request for Quotation form (MM024) have been reported to UCT?s Procurement and Payment Services Department. It has been reported that fraudsters are targeting some of UCT?s suppliers. Someone claiming to be from UCT creates a fraudulent Emergency Purchase Order form (MM016) and then sends it to UCT vendor/s informing them that they have been awarded a contract. The vendor is then requested to purchase the material from a certain supplier; this supplier will then request a deposit to be paid into their bank account. Some UCT vendors have been scammed by the fraudster/s and have lost substantial amounts of money.

SAPS are currently investigating the matter, but we would like to urge you to be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviors/transactions to the Procurement and Payment Services Department. If you have any enquiries in this regard, please contact John Pretorius (021 650 2484) or Carol Paulse (021 650 3751) to validate the request.

2015: A year in review ? publication now available

The Vice-Chancellor's report is produced every year and aims to be a high-level record of the activities in the year. Last year (2015) was in many ways an extraordinary year. In the spirit of recognising the significance of the year, the Communication and Marketing Department (CMD) produced an annual report that is in many ways different from the typical publication. The aim was to create something more like a yearbook for 2015 ? part snapshot, part archive of people?s reflections. It can be thought of as a cross-section of the many conversations and events on campus over 12 months. It?s not meant to be a comprehensive account. But it is hoped that it stimulates conversations and provides an opportunity to reflect on the year gone by and its implications for the year ahead.

Look out for the print edition, which is available on campus this week. Otherwise read 2015: A year in review PDF online. If you would like to receive a hard copy you can request 2015: A year in review hard copy. In addition, members of the UCT community can also read the latest UCT research newsletter.

The latest VC Desks collated for your information

A number of important VC Desks have been distributed over the last two weeks. If you missed any of them, please find them collated here for your convenience:

Recent copies of VC Desk emails as well as a collation of campus announcements are available on the UCT website.


Gerda Kruger
Executive Director: Communication & Marketing Department

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