UCT requests RMF to move shack from Residence Road
Released: 16h30, 16 February 2016

16 February 2016 | Story by Newsroom

UCT's executive confirms that it has requested members of RhodesMustFall to move the shack that they have erected in the middle of the street in Residence Road to an alternative space nearby. The reason why we have asked them to move the shack is because it has caused interference with traffic flow causing a backlog on the M3 today.

It interferes with the freedom of movement of other staff and students, and due to bins being set alight it causes safety risks. We have identified a space where the shack can remain and have offered to assist RMF to move the shack to this space. We reiterate that RMF can continue their protest action but should do so in a manner that does not interfere with the rights of others, causes safety risks or interferes with UCT operations. Their claims that we are closing down their protest action is wholly incorrect.

Dear members of RMF

We write to you in relation to the shack you have erected on Residence Road. We completely respect your constitutional right to protest action and recognise the importance of the issues you are raising.

We wish in no way to halt or divert your protest action but we are concerned that the place you have chosen for the shack (in the middle of the street on Residence Road) has serious implications for UCT operations. These include the interruption to the flow of vehicles and interference with pedestrians. The traffic blockage is also causing delay in the Jammie Shuttle schedule. This morning the consequence of the traffic interference at Residence Road caused a backlog on the M3, which infringes on the rights of others beyond UCT.

We have identified the green lawn in front of Smuts Hall as a more workable venue for your protest action. We will send CPS officers at 16h00 today to assist you in moving the shack to that space. We hope you can assist the officers in moving the shack to the designated space. We recognise your goal to continue with this protest action until the accommodation backlog at UCT is resolved. The UCT Executive team and staff within Student Housing and Residence Life have been working tirelessly to resolve these issues, and we are confident that there will be no student whose issues have not been dealt with adequately.

Please also ensure that anyone participating in the protest action in relation to the shack do so within legal parameters and refrain from interfering with the rights of fellow students and staff.

If you refuse to allow the officers to move the shack and the shack is still in its current position by 17h00 we will unfortunately have no option but to take action to remove it.

The Executive
16 February 2016

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