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18 January 2016

Coffee cup

Big Bash
The annual start-of-year orientation party associated with RAG
Where you go for a cup of coffee. You can arrange to meet your peeps in one of the more popular cafs in the Steve Biko Building
A Duly Performed course, which means you are allowed to write your exam
Duly Performed Refused, which means you’ve been spending too much time hanging out in the caf
Early assessment
A formal check to see how you’re doing in your first few months
First lecture
Where you will find yourself at 8am on a Monday morning if you’re a fresher (see below)
That’s you! Another word for a first-year
Hot seat
Weekly appointment with a tutor to discuss your progress
Jammie Plaza
The open area below Jammie Hall
Jammie Hall
Where most things happen
Jammie Shuttle
The blue bus that gets you on, off and around campus
Jammie Thursday
When cool things happen on Jammie Plaza during Meridian
These last for 45 minutes, with 15 minutes in between to get to your next class
Lunch break (during the week, the hour between 1 and 2pm)
North Stop
One of the main Jammie Shuttle stops on Upper Campus (ditto West Stop)
Orientation Leader (your person in the know)
When you find your way around campus, make new friends, and join random societies (and quit later)
Pass mark
Anything above 50%
Where you put nto practice what you’ve learnt in theory (for instance, in a laboratory). These can sometimes be three-hour sessions
Stands for ‘Remember And Give’. The fundraising arm of SHAWCO
Your home from home
SAX Appeal

SAX Appeal and SHAWCO

The RAG magazine that you are asked to sell at traffic lights while dressed up in funny clothes
The socially responsive student-run organisation that offers community outreach opportunities to students. It stands for Students Health and Welfare Centres Organisation
Students’ Representative Council, elected in September each year
Small groups that meet to discuss material raised in lectures. Compulsory if you want to get a DP
The person in charge of a tut
Not just where you’re studying, but also the official name of the student newspaper
UCT’s official online learning system, where you’ll find everything you need to know about your course
Year mark
An evaluation of your performance throughout the year

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