Statement from members of Senate
Released: 11h42, 09 November 2015

10 November 2015 | Story by Newsroom

Today [9 November 2015], the Senate meeting was disrupted by a group of 100-150 protesters who threw food and water at members, and refused to leave when asked. The vice-chancellor adjourned Senate. The protesters demanded answers to questions. The vice-chancellor was shouted down when he tried to reply, and physically jostled and verbally abused by some of the protesters. Senate is outraged by these events and condemns this unlawful behaviour in the strongest terms. The office and person of the vice-chancellor has been assaulted and the dignity as well as constitutional rights of Senate and its members have been compromised. Senate supports the executive in every effort to restore law and order to campus, so that the examination process can be completed without disruption, and the academic project can be advanced.

Support for this statement (circulated to Senate at 18h00 on 9 November 2015) was received by the following members of Senate (by 06h00 on 10 November 2015)

Alan Hirsch
Alexander Paterson
Alexandra Watson
Alison Lewis
Alp Numanoglu
Andre Peshier
Andrew Lilley
Andy Buffler
Anthony Black
Anton Fagan
Bernhard Weiss
Bette Davidowitz
Bongani Mayosi
Brian Warner
Caroline Ncube
Carolyn Hamilton
Carolyn Williamson
Carrol Clarkson
Catherine Ward
Chris Harris
Claude Carignan
Clive Gray
Colin Tredoux
Corne van Walbeek
Craig West
Dan Stein
Danwood M Chirwa
David Benatar
David Erwin
David Gammon
David Marais
Daya Reddy
Deborah Posel
Edward Sturrock
Elisa Galgut
Elrena van der Spuy
Ermien van Pletzen
Fiona Ross
Fritha Langerman
Geoff Bick
George A Ekama
Gonda Perez
Graham Fieggen
Gwenda Thomas
Hanri Mostert
Harald Winkler
Haroon Bhorat
Harro von Blottnitz
Heather Zar
Helen Scott
Hugh Corder
Imraan Coovadia
Jaco Barnard-Naudé
Jaco Barnard-Naudé
Jacques Rosseau
Jacquie Greenberg
Jan Glazewski
Jean-Paul van Belle
Jenni Case
Jeremy Midgley
Jeremy Seekings
Joan Hambidge
John Dunne
John Parkington
Jonathan Blackburn
Judith Sealy
Justiaan Swanevelder
Justin O'Riain
Karen Barnes
Kelly Chibale
Kelwyn Sole
Kevin Naidoo
Laura Czerniewicz
Lorna J Martin
Malcolm Collins
Mark Graham
Mark New
Martin Wittenberg
Medee Rall
Michael Wormald
Mike Campbell
Mike Rossi
Naomi Levitt
Neil Armitage
Nicola Illing
Nicoli Nattrass
Nigel Worden
Owen Crankshaw
Pamela Schwikkard
Patrick Woudt
Paul Bowen
Paula Ensor
Peter Dunsby
Peter Martinez
Peter Meissner
Philippe Salazar
Pieter Rousseau
Pippa Skotnes
Rajend Mesthrie
Renée C. Kraan-Korteweg
Robert Dyer
Robert Knutsen
Robert Mattes
Robert Simmonds
Rodney Ehrlich
Rodney Erhlich
Rüdiger C. Laugksch
Russ Taylor
Saalih Allie
Salvatore Mancuso
Sandie Thomson
Sebastian van As
Shadreck Chirikure
Silke Dyer
Stephen Inggs
Steve Reid
Susan Kidson
Tania Douglas
Timm Hoffman
Timothy Egan
Tjakie Naude
Tom Moultrie
Tommie Meyer
Valerie Mizrahi
Vanessa Watson
Vimal Ranchhod
Vivian Bickford-Smith
Walter Baets

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