Tributes to Dominic

22 February 2010

Dominic"Dominic got life right. He understood it at another level. To him, life was about love, honesty and genuineness. Living every moment as if it were everlasting and making every person he came in contact with feel like they were special. I will always look up to him. I am so proud to be his sister. Greatest big brother, best friend, teacher–my hero. Love you Dom." Isabelle

"The happy, free-spirited role model in my life, I will always cherish the time I was honoured to have shared with Dom." Love Lauren

"Good Samaritan." Love Jared

"Dominic was the kind of person to whom adjectives like peaceful, gentle and loving simply don't do justice because he was so much more beautiful than that." David Braz

"Being colour blind when it comes to people and having the ability to start and end every day with a huge smile is a gift that not many people have. Our close friend Dom was one of them." Matthias Kroenke

"Dom was one of the most caring and compassionate people I have had the privilege of knowing. He always put others before himself and he will be sorely missed." Candice Sparks

"He was a wonderful guy and an even better friend." Ashwin Venkat

"You hardly ever heard the word 'Glenres' without Dom's name following soon behind. Dom, your compassionate and friendly nature, your unique hippy way and your trademark guitar compositions are already missed so much!" Alison Midgley

"Dom could inspire all with his smile and positive attitude." Shaun Katz

"Dom was perhaps the most chilled, gentle, peaceful person I ever met; he was widely loved and had a laugh that would brighten the day of everyone sitting at the lunch table." Douglas James Coltart

"Meeting Dominic was a life event for me as those like him come around once in a lifetime." Lerato Ramolahloane

"He had an amazing ability to walk up to a stranger and make them a friend." Jessica Hogg

"Dom was a ray of sunshine. He spread only light and love. He was the type of person to play guitar in front of PD Hahn and if you saw him on campus, he would never fail to run from across the way and give you the biggest hug and brightest smile. He was a genuine and open person, who would never fail to brighten your day." Anna Dreyer

"Dom was like a brother to me. I never understood how a person could be so selfless and compassionate. I will love him for as long as I breathe." Matthew Alves

"Dominic was the kindest and most caring person that I have ever met in my life. His death saddens me greatly because I was only just starting to realise what a remarkable person he was; yet I cherish the time I was able to spend with him." Geoffrey Kukard

"Dear Dom, I know you are still here but somewhere better. You will hold my hand and show me the stars. Dich zu kennen ist die groesste Ehre. Love you. Deine Jenny." Jennifer Pack

"The most helpful, loving, compassionate, romantic and happy young man ever. Without a care in the world other than to make others happy, to give his beautiful sister and all his friends enthusiastic hugs and smiles and to just love life, plants, animals and the universe. Dom, his pink shopping bag and his green photosynthetic car will be missed by all. Love, light and peace." Amy and Crystal

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