Ad hominem promotions – a tough process

07 December 2009

UCT recently honoured top-performing academics and scientific and technical staff who moved up a rung by way of the ad hominem promotions process.

"To be promoted ad hominem at UCT is a great honour: the rules are stringent and the process rigorous," said deputy vice-chancellor Professor Danie Visser.

"As DVC overseeing the process, I read the documentation relating to every application, and attend the final meeting of each faculty's ad hominem promotions committee.

"I have been greatly impressed, firstly by the great work done by the applicants, and secondly by the consistency in standard that is achieved across the university."

In each faculty the ad hominem promotions committee consists of the dean, a DVC, two outside deans, and a number of other members of the faculty, as determined by the Faculty Board.

This committee scrutinises each application and, after debate, makes its decision by secret ballot. A recommendation for ad hominem promotion requires a two-thirds majority vote; and in addition, two of the three outside members (the DVC and the two deans) must support the recommendation.

"The recommendation of each faculty's committee is presented to the Vice-Chancellor, who finally signs off on the promotions," Visser added. "Clearly, each person who has made it through this tough process can be very proud."

Ad hominem promotions

Faculty of Humanities

  • Prof Gobodo-Madikizela (Dept of Psychology)
  • Prof Hendrik Hofmeyr (College of Music)
  • Assoc Prof Carrol Clarkson (Dept of English Language and Literature)
  • Assoc Prof Imraan Coovadia (Dept of English Language and Literature)
  • Assoc Prof Geoffrey Hyland (Dept of Drama)
  • Assoc Prof Fritha Langerman (Michaelis School of Fine Art)
  • Dr Tanja Bosch (to Senior Lecturer, Centre Film & Media Studies)
  • Daniel Galloway (to Principal Technical Officer, Little Theatre)

Faculty of Science

  • Dr David Braun (to Senior Lecturer, Dept of Archaeology)
  • Dr Isabelle Ansorge (to Senior Lecturer, Dept of Oceanography)
  • Dr Greg Smith (to Senior Lecturer, Dept of Chemistry)
  • Assoc Prof Mike Lucas (Dept of Zoology)
  • Assoc Prof Hussein Suleman (Computer Science)
  • Assoc Prof James Gain (Computer Science)
  • Assoc Prof Gary Marsden (to full Professor, Computer Science)
  • Faezah Davids (to Principal Scientific Officer, Dept of Molecular and Cell Biology)
  • Dr Brandon Weber (to Principal Scientific Officer, Electron Microscope Unit)
  • Dr Cornelia Klak (to Chief Scientific Officer, Dept of Botany)

Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment

  • Prof Keith Cattell (Dept of Construction and Economics Management)
  • Prof Michael Claeys (Dept of Chemical Engineering)
  • Assoc Prof Brandon Collier-Reed (Dept of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Assoc Prof Genevieve Langdon (Dept of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Assoc Prof Marianne Vanderschuren (Dept of Civil Engineering)
  • Assoc Prof Jennifer Whittal (School of Architecture, Planning and Geomatics)

Faculty of Commerce

  • Assoc Prof Edwin Muchapondwa (School of Economics)
  • David Priilaid (Senior Lecturer, School of Economics)
  • Assoc Prof Anton Schlechter (School of Management Studies)
  • Dr Albert Touna Mama (to Senior Lecturer, School of Economics)
  • Prof Alexandra Watson (Dept of Accounting)
  • Dr Mills Soko (to Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business)

Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Prof Jake Krige (Surgery)
  • Prof Carolyn Williamson (Clinical Laboratory Science)
  • Prof Michael Lambert (Human Biology)
  • Prof Mohamed Jeebhay (Public Health and Family Medicine)
  • Assoc Prof Robert Dunn (Surgery)
  • Assoc Prof Marc Mendelson (Infectious Diseases)
  • Assoc Prof Helen Wainwright (Clinical Laboratory Science)
  • Assoc Prof Sandrine Lecour (Hatter Institute for Cardiology Research)
  • Assoc Prof John Hewitson (Cardiothoracic Surgery)
  • Assoc Prof Denver Hendricks (Clinical Laboratory Science)
  • Assoc Prof Athol Kent (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)
  • Assoc Prof Crick Lund (Psychiatry and Mental Health)
  • Assoc Prof Muazzam Jacobs (Clinical Laboratory Science)
  • Dr Chelsea Morroni (to Senior Lecturer, Public Health and Family Medicine)
  • Dr Theresa Burgess (to Senior Lecturer, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences)
  • Lucretia Petersen (to Senior Lecturer, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences)

Faculty of Law

  • Tracy Lee Gutuza (to Senior Lecturer, Commercial Law)
  • Julie Mary Berg (to Senior Lecturer, Institute of Criminology)
  • Assoc Prof Alfred Barnard (Private Law)

The Centre for Higher Education Development

  • Prof Ingrid Fiske (Extra-Mural Studies)
  • Dr Kevin Williams (to Senior Lecturer, Adult Education Studies)
  • Leonard Smith (to Senior Lecturer, School of Economics)
  • Assoc Prof Jeff Jawitz (Adult Education Studies)
  • Assoc Prof Moragh Paxton (Academic Development Programme)

Centre for Higher Education Development group The Centre for Higher Education Development group included (from left, back) DVC Prof Jo Beall, VC Dr Max Price, Leonard Smith, Dean Prof Nan Yeld, and DVC Prof Danie Visser. (From left, front) Assoc Prof Jeff Jawitz, Assoc Prof Moragh Paxton, Prof Ingrid Fiske, and Dr Kevin Williams. Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment group The Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment group included (from left) Assoc Prof Marianne Vanderschuren, Assoc Prof Jennifer Whittal, Prof Michael Claeys, Dean Prof Francis Petersen, VC Dr Max Price, Assoc Prof Brandon Collier-Reed, Assoc Prof Genevieve Langdon, and Prof Keith Cattell.

Faculty of Humanities group The Faculty of Humanities group included (from left) Dr Tanja Bosch, Daniel Galloway, Assoc Prof Fritha Langerman, Assoc Prof Geoff Hyland, VC Dr Max Price, Dean Prof Paula Ensor, Prof Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, Assoc Prof Imraan Coovadia, Prof Hendrik Hofmeyr, and Assoc Prof Carrol-Ann Clarkson.

Faculty of Commerce group The Faculty of Commerce group included (from left) Dr Albert Touna Mama, Assoc Prof Edwin Muchapondwa, Acting Dean Emer Prof John Simpson, VC Dr Max Price, Prof Alexandra Watson, Assoc Prof Anton Schlechter, and David Priilaid.

Faculty of Science group The Faculty of Science group included (from left) Assoc Prof Hussein Suleman, Dr Greg Smith, Faezah Davids, Assoc Prof James Gain, Dean Prof Kathy Driver, VC Dr Max Price, Dr David Braun, Dr Cornelia Klak, Dr Isabelle Ansorge, and Dr Brandon Weber.

Faculty of Health Sciences group The Faculty of Health Sciences group included (from left) Lucretia Petersen, Dr Theresa Burgess, Assoc Prof Marc Mendelson, Assoc Prof Helen Wainwright, Assoc Prof Dr Robert Dunn, Assoc Prof Sandrine Lecour, Assoc Prof Athol Kent, VC Dr Max Price, Prof Zephne van der Spuy, Prof Jake Krige, Prof Mohamed Jeebhay, Prof Michael Lambert, Assoc Prof John Hewitson, Assoc Prof Denver Hendricks, Assoc Prof Crick Lund, and Assoc Prof Muazzam Jacobs.

Faculty of Law group The Faculty of Law group included (from left) Tracy Lee Gutuza, Assoc Prof Alfred Barnard, VC Dr Max Price, Prof Anton Fagan, and Julie Mary Berg.

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