Final PASS staff performance reviews

22 September 2008

Process and Timeline

Final performance reviews will entail a discussion between line managers and individual staff members. This discussion completes the annual performance cycle. All PASS staff should know their performance rating by 31 October 2008.

Step 6

The purpose of the final performance review is to recommend a performance rating to the individual staff member. This performance rating must be documented. It is important to have the conversation with the individual staff member about the performance rating and ideally agree on the rating, although agreement is not a requisite.

Step 7 and Step 8

Once the performance rating has been recommended this will be subject to a consistency check. The purpose of the consistency check is to ensure that individuals are rated consistently relative to performance. Given that the performance-management process is based on the principle of rewarding performance, the consistency check process excludes a consideration of budget.

Once the salary negotiation process has been finalised, line managers decide on the precise nature of the salary adjustment. This must fall within the range of the performance category in which the staff member has been rated.

Step 9

The salary adjustments for all PASS staff are consolidated by the respective Dean/Executive Director, and this goes to a central committee for validation against the total budget envelope. The VC signs off the document for implementation.

Step 10

The line manager in each area receives the salary letters for individual staff members. The approved performance rating, placement in the range and precise pay outcome is communicated to the staff member and the salary adjustment letter is handed out. This communication will take place prior to the payday where the salary adjustments are reflected.

A flowchart of the full performance management process can be found here.

What is different this year

The principles and process are largely the same.

The key change is in advising the individual staff member about their performance rating. It is important to point out to the staff member that this is a recommended rating that can change during the consistency check process.

The PPS01 template which can be found at the UCT Admin Forms link, may be used to document the recommended performance rating. Alternatively, existing documentation may be used or information contained therein may be transferred onto the PPS01.

HR support

Advocacy and advice to all role players. This will specifically include:

  • Advice and support to line managers (including the Deans and Executive Directors):
    1. to enhance an understanding of the performance-management process via workshops and/or on-the-job training;
    2. by clarifying changes regarding this year's performance management process; and
    3. through clarifying of the performance ratings
    4. on the consistency check process
  • Advice and support to staff via briefings to ensure an understanding of the process and changes this year.

After the final review

The standard performance management cycle continues after the final review. The process starts again at Step 1 with the line manager and the staff member agreeing objectives and a personal development plan for the coming year.

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