Supporting "vulnerable academics"

31 July 2007

Not all academics are privileged, not all academics 'belong', and not all academics have a collegial network to draw strength and support from. These are contentions that have fostered the interest of Dr Ingrid Tufvesson of the Faculty of Law to establish a forum for 'vulnerable academics'. In response to UCT's efforts with regards to diversity, institutional climate, and social responsiveness, Tufvesson would like to ascertain whether any interest exists among tenuously contracted staff (casualised staff) to participate in a forum at which their concerns and experiences could be aired and shared. It is Tufvesson's hope that this initiative will occur with some regularity in order for it to play a meaningful role. In order to avoid infringing on current contractual employment limitations, this proposed activity would have to be formulated and expedited within mutually agreed-to parameters. To this end, Tufvesson invites those who might be interested to contact her via email. Tufvesson's doctoral research involved a study of the racialised marginalisation experienced by women academics in South Africa, Sweden, and Australia.

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