Keep a steady state as exams approach

16 October 2006

Although crime on campus is significantly lower than it is in the surrounding precincts, Campus Protection Services (CPS) are urging staff and students to keep their eyes peeled and to maintain vigilance as things wind up towards the frenetic exam season. This is usually when certain crimes peak, like theft from residences, computer laboratories and libraries.

CPS is urging students and staff to carry their ID cards at all times as they will be increasing spot checks at various computer laboratories and libraries, as they find many outsiders make use of these facilities at this time of year. CPC is also warning the community to be particularly watchful over their personal belongings.

Security is the right balance between physical security and behavioural awareness.

Most crime tends to be opportunistic. Students have been asked to ensure they lock their rooms, and staff to ensure they keep their valuables and offices locked when they leave them.

Laptops, especially, are targeted items.

Though workshops have been held to prime students, CPS say they are disappointed with the results. Students, especially those in residence, continue to be negligent, even leaving windows open when they sleep and leaving doors unlocked when they visit friends or visit the bathroom.

Do not take your safety for granted or create an opportunity to become a victim of crime. Common sense should prevail.

Because crime has moved to peripheral areas and there have been robberies and muggings, students have been warned not to walk alone at night. CPS recommends that you walk in groups of three to four.

And at this time of year, students and staff often work late. If you have to put in extra hours on campus, please remember that there is an escort service available from CPS: You can call ext 2222 to have a CPS officer accompany you safely to your car.

If you spot suspicious-looking people loitering on campus, please alert CPS immediately.

Did you know that there are 215 CCTV cameras around our campuses, offering wide coverage and a reaction team? This is more than the CBD in Cape Town. Lighting is also being upgraded on large portions of the campus to render certain areas "camera friendly".

Congratulations to CPS's Anwar Sambaba, who has been promoted to operations manager (former operations manager, Vincent Ricketts, has been transferred to a new division), and Bernard Soules, who has been promoted to assistant operations manager.

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