Website the result of consultation, planning

18 November 2002
by: Skye Grove
Operations Manager
Department of Communication and Marketing

I AM responding to various comments and criticisms, both written and verbal, regarding the new UCT website.

The new website is the result of many months of consultation, planning and hard work. Proposals for the new site, and especially the content management system (where faculties and departments accept responsibility for the management of their own content), were discussed with the UCT community on every possible level between March and September, through no less than 40 presentations and informal sessions, and during open meetings, forums and committees.

The result of the months of engagement, discussion and consultation was clear: the UCT community endorsed the content management system as the best practice system — one in which the input of faculties and departments would be as necessary for the success of the website as the input of the web manager.

The “perfectly good” (as some have put it) old UCT website had countless links to dead, non-existent or completely outdated sites. It had no central point of control and operation, making it a nightmare to manage and control its content and quality effectively.

The responses from those who made the effort to engage in the consultation process and information sessions during the past eight months have been overwhelmingly positive. They understand that the decision to develop a new website was not taken in isolation.

The exclusive aim was to develop a site for UCT that would be easy to maintain, update and manage; a site where everybody involved (from the web manager to the content managers in the departments) would share the responsibility of presenting UCT as world-class in cyberspace!

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