ICTS Corner: Zip them up before zipping them off

16 September 2002
DO YOU often need to send large files as attachments to email messages? Do you find you are running out of space on your hard drive?

The solution is to use a file compression utility. The best known of these is WinZip. However, this programme, even though it is shareware, requires a licence fee. To assist our customers, ICTS has scoured the Internet for suitable file compression freeware.

BigSpeed Zipper is just such a program, which combines all the facilities of WinZip with extreme simplicity of use. It is also free and requires a modest 1.8 Mb of disk space when installed.

It is advisable to zip all large documents before attaching them to mail messages in order to reduce the file size. The amount of compression obtained depends on the type of file. During testing, we got Word and Excel files reduced to about 1/3 their size and an Access database file to less than a quarter. Graphics files were reduced to 1/10 their original size!

BigSpeed Zipper has now been placed on all the ICTS-controlled Novell Netware servers. The simplest way to install it is to double-click on the UCTSETUP icon on your desktop and choose BSZIPINS.EXE (alternatively, you can find it in M:\uctsetup\ or download it from ICTS' website.

Once the installation is complete, you will find the BigSpeed Zipper icon on your desktop. The programme is completely intuitive to use and displays simple, clear instructions for any of its functions on screen as well as in comprehensive Help files.

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