March 2020 graduate photos

09 December 2020


Graduates and graduands who weren’t able to submit a photo by 4 December can still submit photos to Please note that photos submitted in mid-December will be added to the galleries as soon as possible, but due to year-end workload pressures, there might be some delay before the photos are added.

Please name photo files as follows before sending them through: Mar/Dec-Faculty-CampusID

e.g. If you were a December cohort PhD graduand from the Faculty of Commerce named Jane Doe;
filename: DecPhD-COM-DOEJAN001.jpg

e.g. If you were a March cohort graduate from the Faculty of Law named John Doe;
filename: Mar-LAW-DOEJOH003.jpg

Please choose a faculty code from this list: COM | EBE | FHS | HUM | LAW | SCI | GSB.

If you are a PhD graduate or graduand, please add PhD after your cohort identifier, e.g. MarPhd or DecPhd.

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Graduation 2020


We understand the disappointment that our students and their families feel about the impact that the global pandemic has had on the normal operations for graduation ceremonies. Please know that the decision to host virtual graduation celebratory events was not taken lightly. We congratulate the March and December 2020 graduates on their academic success during an exceptionally challenging year.

The March 2020 Senate List of Qualifiers was approved at the beginning of March and everyone on that list had technically already graduated in absentia with a confer date of 19 March 2020. The celebratory event video was made available online at 18:00 on Monday, 14 December to honour the March 2020 graduates.

The December 2020 graduands have graduated during the virtual graduation celebratory event at 18:00 on Tuesday, 15 December 2020.

Find full information, including Frequently Asked Questions, on the Graduation page on the Students website. You can also follow the celebrations on UCT’s Twitter page and the #UCTGrad2020 hashtag.

Videos – 15 December virtual graduation celebratory event

Your names

The names of all of the 2020 graduates and graduands can be found in the ceremony programme PDFs. The names of all of the March 2020 graduates are accessible in the March programme PDFs that you can find through the index: just click through the March index to find your graduation ceremony group PDF. The names of all of the December 2020 graduands are accessible in the one December ceremony programme PDF.

Your photos

Graduates and graduands were invited to submit photos for publication as part of the 2020 celebrations. If you submitted a photo, you will find it in the gallery collections, divided into the March and December cohorts.

Our stories: inspirational graduates

The UCT News team has profiled a cross-section of inspirational graduands and graduates whose stories inspired us. To all those we haven’t been able to feature, we’d like to say: each one of you is an inspiration – to your university, your families and your communities. We wish you every success in the future.




Graduates’ Video messages