December 2020 graduand photos

09 December 2020


Graduates and graduands who weren’t able to submit a photo by 4 December can still submit photos to Please note that photos submitted in mid-December will be added to the galleries as soon as possible, but due to year-end workload pressures, there might be some delay before the photos are added.

Please name photo files as follows before sending them through: Mar/Dec-Faculty-CampusID

e.g. If you were a December cohort PhD graduand from the Faculty of Commerce named Jane Doe;
filename: DecPhD-COM-DOEJAN001.jpg

e.g. If you were a March cohort graduate from the Faculty of Law named John Doe;
filename: Mar-LAW-DOEJOH003.jpg

Please choose a faculty code from this list: COM | EBE | FHS | HUM | LAW | SCI | GSB.

If you are a PhD graduate or graduand, please add PhD after your cohort identifier, e.g. MarPhd or DecPhd.

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