UCT Chris Hani Redevelopment

22 November 2019 | Story Properties & Services. Picture Supplied. Read time 3 min.
An artist's impression of the Chris Hani redevelopment work.
An artist's impression of the Chris Hani redevelopment work.

The renowned Chris Hani Building (formerly New Science Lecture Theatre) was initially built in 1948. It will be repurposed to provide students with a new contemporary learning space. The repurposed building will include a variety of learning spaces, including a student concession area with an outdoor courtyard and a formal upgraded lecture venue. The adaptation of the building will take into cognisance and retain the critical heritage items.

The University facilities and buildings are dated, and no alterations and improvements have taken place to keep pace with the increase in the number of students over the years. The upgrade will allow for better integration within the University precinct and an improved and aesthetically pleasing environment, creating a more conducive learning environment.


The project is set to commence in December 2019, and completion scheduled for April 2021.  The aim is to take advantage of the vacation period to set up the project and begin with critical works. Construction areas will be demarcated at all times to ensure the safety of all students, staff, and visitors.  Campus operations are essential to the delivery of the academic programme.  Students and staff will be informed timeously before any disruptive work or alterations to schedules and lecture theatre bookings. The project team will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimal.

Concession space

The current concession space is the only viable location for the contractor's site establishment. Super Sandwich and Rainbow Take-Aways will move out of that space. The new place for these food stalls will be confirmed closer to the time.

ATM Relocation

The ATMs along the staircase of the Chris Hani Building will move elsewhere. The new location of the ATMs is yet to be confirmed.

Parking Bays Relocation

The contractor will make use of some parking bays on University Avenue. The Space Allocation Committee will assign the parking bays, and the affected users will be informed and relocated for the construction period.

Walkway Routes

Specific routes such as the thoroughfare from Chris Hani to the Chemistry Mall will be cordoned off for safety reasons. Students and staff will be re-directed through the most convenient route for the duration of the construction.

Disruptions to University

All departments will be consulted and provided with prior notice when disruptive work is due to occur. Student's examination schedules will be integrated into the project programme to ensure minimal disruptions during test weeks and examinations.

Your cooperation during this upgrade is much appreciated.

Should you have any queries or concerns kindly contact:

Project Manager: Thabo Kibido

Email: thabo.kibido@uct.ac.za

Tel:    +27 (0)21 650 5860

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