SRC 2015 says #NoToXenophobia

16 April 2015 | Story by Newsroom

UCT's Students' Representative Council (SRC) strongly condemns the xenophobic attacks against fellow Africans that have been taking place in KwaZulu-Natal and its surrounding areas.

Xenophobia is an atrocity against humanity and should NOT, under any circumstance, be accepted.

The UCT SRC further acknowledges that xenophobia is explicit evidence of the fact that the legacy of colonisation is still prevalent in our day. Brooding hatred amongst African people was a divide-and-rule tactic that was used for hundreds of years by the architects of colonisation and systematic oppression. As students, we ought to gain an understanding of the principles and the underlying factors that prompts such intolerant behaviour. In understanding this, we need to educate one another and build the spirit of unity and ubuntu, not just in South Africa, but in Africa and the world.

We hold various South African leaders, including King Zwelithini accountable and we call upon them to act swiftly, without hesitation, to condemn these violent and/or discriminatory actions, to bring the xenophobic attacks to an end and to restore the dignity of our fellow Africans.

We as the SRC also reach out to the South African Police Services, national security and the justice system to act strongly to end these attacks as well as ensure justice for the people who have been most affected by the attacks.

Lastly, we need to task the South African community to challenge the complacency and lack of urgency with the way in which we deal with xenophobia. As students and future leaders, we have a responsibility to not only defend humanity, but to further defend human dignity and to ensure security for all people – regardless of their nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or religion. We as the SRC encourage academics, staff and workers to be understanding and relate to the experiences of our fellow Africans at UCT and the broader South African community.

Mayibuye i-Afrika.
Let Africa return to its norms and values of ubuntu and community.
These are our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters.
Let peace prevail in Africa, now and forever.

#WeAreAfrica #WeAreHumanity #NoToXenophobia

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