Must Rhodes fall?

25 March 2015 | Story by Newsroom
A student writes a comment on one of the 'Have Your Say' boards on campus. (Photo by Je'nine May.)
A student writes a comment on one of the 'Have Your Say' boards on campus. (Photo by Je'nine May.)

A fourth-year UCT student recently penned an open letter to the SRC, UCT and its students. Here is an excerpt.

"As a fourth-year UCT student, I have been keeping up with the #RhodesMustFall protest on social media and news publications over the last two weeks and felt that my voice could no longer go on unheard. SRC, you do not represent me.

"UCT students, staff and management have heard the issues being raised. The debate has been started, but now it must be debated. Why is there only one voice being carried out from the students at UCT?!

"I want to go back to the fundamental functions of the SRC – the Students Representative Council – a 'council elected by the student body to represent their views in the decision-making process of the University' as described on their Facebook page. The SRC certainly isn't representing me and my views in this instance. It is totally wrong and unproductive for this council – which is, after all, the only body that we as students have to speak for us – to have decided for me (and for many other students) to stand with Chumani Maxwele in this matter. Why has no-one even suggested that perhaps there are students who do not agree with the actions carried out by the SRC, and therefore in the names of all the students at UCT?"

Marine Barnabé
BSc: University of Cape Town

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