Hello Africa

19 May 2014
Brian Palmer Shamila Kara
I'm an American student, and it's interesting to see transformation happening in South Africa and Africa as a whole. I know a lot of people are quick to celebrate democracy, but there are a lot of things that are not happening quick enough, a lot of corruption is still happening on the continent ... That said, I love it here in Africa. The people are amazing, kind and warm. I like it better than home. The people, they put things into perspective, and don't care about things that don't matter. For me, Africa is my home. It's my identity.
Regokgopetse Pataki Aneesa Lockhat
I see Africa as my home, the place I grew up. Do I see transformation in Africa? I think we are less than 20% there. I would like to see Africa as a unified country where the effects of, for example, girls getting kidnapped in Nigeria, also affect South Africa. We need to do more instead of waiting for other nations to make us realise and recognise what we need to do. We are getting there, but I would like to see a more transformed Africa. What do I think of Africa? I think it is a beautiful continent, rising up, and a lot of countries moving forward. As a country, South Africa has transformed, moving from apartheid to democracy and moving forward. Within Africa there are a lot of countries that still lack the leadership that requires them to transform and to become democratic and equal.
Wandile MatshingeAfrica - I feel like it's a responsibility. I was raised by a family that went through apartheid, and I'm living up to their expectations. It's more of a responsibility.

Photos by Raymond Botha.

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