Library building-works during the mid-year vacation

04 June 2012

There will be three major building projects going on at UCT Libraries between Monday, 11 June, and Friday, 20 July:

Phase 1 of the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library expansion:

  • Installation of a new staircase between Immelman Level 5 ('The Terrace') and Hlanganani Level 6 (currently occupied by the Centre for Higher Education Development).
  • The flight of stairs between Immelman Level 4 (Main Level) and Hlanganani Level 5 (the 'Undergraduate Wing') will be closed for about a week to allow builders to break through to the floor above.
  • Hoarding will be erected around this flight of stairs to minimise noise and dust, but we can still expect some disruption.
  • Access to the Terrace during this period will be via the stairs in the Research Wing.
  • Access to the Undergraduate Wing will be via the Terrace.
  • Builders will access the site and bring in supplies through the emergency exit on the north end of the Terrace next to the small lift.
  • Hoarding around the new staircase on the Terrace will remain until Phase 2 is completed at the end of the year.

Phase 2 of the Jagger Library restoration project

  • The Jagger Library will be a building site for the duration of the structural changes and painting.
  • The Jagger Library will be closed to users and staff for the six weeks.
  • Special Collections will operate from Government Publications during this time.
  • Special Collections materials will be retrieved for users once daily.

Creation of the Digitisation Unit in the Oppenheimer Institute Building

  • The new Digitisation Unit will be created in the space formerly occupied by the Manuscripts and Archives Department.
  • Minimal disruption is expected.
  • Access to the existing Manuscripts Store will be through the Jewish Studies Library.

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