New staff learning and development funding policy

11 October 2010

All current UCT policies, guidelines and policies relating to funding staff learning and development have been collated into a single, new integrated policy, the Staff Learning and Development Funding Policy.

This policy provides a clear model, criteria, conditions and methods for the funding of staff learning and development. This ensures consistency throughout UCT and compliance with SARS regulations and ensures a clear link between learning and development and job performance.

Presently UCT has a number of different guidelines, policies, practices and procedures for staff learning and development funding. Staff and line managers alike have found this confusing and frustrating. It has also resulted in differing practices in the budgeting for learning and development across UCT. The university must also comply with the SARS Regulations in terms of the Income Tax Act (Practice Note: No. 17 - 12 March 1993).

The Staff Education Assistance Plan and Staff Education Plan Loan Scheme have been collapsed into one scheme, the Staff Education Bursary Scheme.

The Funding Formal Development guidelines and the Funding Expensive Training guidelines have been converted into policy, which also sets out the process by which an application to have a department pay the Staff Tuition Rate paid on behalf of an employee has been approved under the Reimbursements Policy (form FM005).

All these policies have been collated into one integrated policy, the Staff Learning and Development Funding Policy, and are supported by new bursary agreements, new forms and new processes and procedures.

The full policy can be found here. For more information contact your HR Generalist or Kirsty Holmes.

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