Business supports UCT's copyright campaign

26 July 2010

The South African Federation Against Copyright Theft (SAFACT) and the Business Software Alliance (BSA) came up trumps when asked to support the "UCT respects copyright" quiz. Both organisations immediately approached their members, who have offered a range of amazing prizes.

The quiz will be run on Vula from 2 to 13 August and is open to all UCT staff and students. Participants will be asked to look at 12 scenarios to identify whether or not copyright infringements have taken place.

Only correct entries will be eligible for the main prizes, but spot prizes will also be awarded - just for taking part! All prize winners will be notified on 31 August.

The fantastic prizes, generously sponsored by Symantec, Microsoft, PlayStation, Sterkinekor Theatres, Next Entertainment and Nu Metro Cinemas, include flash disks, pokens, cool desktop backup software, DVDs and computer accessories, as well as games for computers, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii. Keep an eye on the ICTS website for the competition details.

South Africa has a high rate of piracy which directly affects local film and music industries as they then find it difficult to get financial backing for new projects. In 2005, pirated films made up 50% of South Africa's DVD market, costing the South African film industry ±R500 million.

Not all piracy is the wilful flaunting of the law or is perpetrated only by criminals. In many instances, individuals are simply unaware that what they are doing is illegal. There are a number of myths surrounding what can or can't be copied or shared. UCT has tried to dispel these myths in the respect copyright quiz, so go on - test your knowledge and see if you can identify the correct behaviours. You could be walking away with one of those amazing prizes.

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