26 April 2010

Parking free-for-all?

It would seem that UCT's parking policies are not being enforced, at least for red disc holders. I am a red disc holder in P10, and have parked there for many years. Recently, a number of other red disc holders have simply moved in - using up bays intended for legitimate users. This is no one-off event - these cars have been parking in their new-found home for more than three weeks. I understand that occasionally one may be forced to park in another area due to bay over-subscription, but that is no excuse for simply disregarding the rules and parking where you wish, day after day.

I have complained repeatedly to the UCT traffic department. I was told that they had ticketed cars in the area. If they did ticket these vehicles, their owners have simply ignored those fines. When I asked about penalties, I was told that one might be denied a disc upon application in subsequent years. I know that such leniency is not extended to students, for example - I regularly see wheel clamps and the like. So, clearly there is one set of rules for them, and another for senior staff - who seem to be entitled to do as they wish.

I was told that I should contact the traffic chief via email - he didn't bother to respond. Are we to understand that as far as red disc holders are concerned, there is no policy; and we can simply park where we wish? If this is not the case, then the rules need to be enforced. There should be a set number of fines before your car is clamped. Rules with no penalty can safely be ignored as has been illustrated by these serial offenders.

Disgruntled law-abiding citizen

Good Samaritan

My sister, Beverley Adams, who is temporarily employed at SALDRU, had a nasty fall on her way to the Jammie Shuttle stop in Claremont early on Monday morning. Beverley was taken to Groote Schuur hospital by ambulance, with a dislocated shoulder as well as injuries to her face and head. A young gentleman, Oscar Scheepers, whom she now refers to as her guardian angel, kindly assisted her and kept her belongs safe. He accompanied her to hospital and stayed with her until her family arrived. Oscar is employed at UCT, in human resources. We are eternally thankful to this compassionate young man for his kindness.

Kind regards
Brenda Adams

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