Unique transport solution pays off for UCT

17 November 2008

UCT will look at further collaborations and training with Amalgamated Transport Services following the successful dedicated taxi operation along the Claremont-Tugwell-Mowbray route during the past nine months.

The agreement signed with them last year was a first for the city.

In terms of the memorandum of understanding, Amalgamated Transport Services contracted their services to UCT for an exclusive, scheduled and regular service on the route from 06h00 to 09h00 during term time.

This "peak lopping" exercise allowed UCT to meet the increased demand for campus transport by freeing up buses previously used on the Claremont-Tugwell-Mowbray route and redeploying them on campus, and also alleviated traffic congestion at peak hours.

Speaking at a press conference on 6 November, executive director of properties and services, John Critien, said 42 000 rides were provided on campus daily, putting pressure on the Jammie Shuttles.

In August last year taxis blockaded Claremont Main Road to protest UCT's Jammie Shuttle operation on that route.

Critien and Anthony Davies, executive manager of the Claremont Improvement District Company, felt the best resolution was to negotiate a mutually beneficial deal with the taxi associations on Main Road.

"It was not just about the routes and UCT's problem, but the bigger picture. UCT sees itself as an institution that seeks national solutions and here we needed to engage with our own community and find a solution in our own backyard."

"The agreement has been effective and efficient, and our staff and students, of whom many were initially pessimistic, are delighted with the service," Critien said.

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